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Updated: May 8, 2021

"The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind."

- Christina Myna

Yoga in our view is best portrayed and defined as the food and nutrition of the soul. Isha yoga is one of the few branches to the aforementioned eternal tree of peace, aimed at restoring balance to your mental and physical health.

Isha or hatha yoga is the practice of asana (yoga poses) for achieving self-transformation defined on three major levels i.e. mental, physical, and spiritual. This asana may involve twisting, bending, balancing, or squeezing one's body to achieve such transformation.

Isha yoga programs in our belief cater to individuals from all spheres and walks of life while acknowledging and accommodating the diversity of distinctive goals we have. Consequently, a common or commercialized isha yoga center or program is often not optimally beneficial to many individuals.

The lack of aforementioned benefits to the optimal level is a result of the societal lack of recognition of isha yoga or hatha yoga as a spectrum catering to overlapping yet diverse and distinctive aims.

Hence, a segmentation approach that prioritizes certain specific goals while catering to all is often more helpful.

By internalizing and adhering to such a practice isha yoga programs often help achieve multifarious benefits, with a select few being outlined below:

1. Better core strength:

Core strength and muscles are a necessity for the effective performance of routine tasks. Isha yoga helps in strengthening the same by employing a variety of different asanas such as Navasana (Boat Pose), Utkatasana (Chair Pose), and more to ensure the same.

2. Improved sleep schedules:

Incorporating a calming isha yoga program into one's evening routine has been observed to significantly improve the quality of one's sleep. This has been particularly useful for individuals who suffer from insomnia or sleeping disorders accentuated by catastrophically busy schedules.

3. Reduced stress and anxiety levels:

The contemporary lifestyle based on the modern rat race has skyrocketed the anxiety and stress levels amongst the masses. Isha yoga centers with their peaceful and quiet environments facilitate self-evaluation and allow one to take a few minutes for themselves.

4. Healthier physique

Isha Yoga has been known and scientifically proven to improve bone density, heart rate and reduce fat while accentuating and facilitating muscle strengthening.

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