Traditional Hatha yoga in its purest form.

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Traditional  Yoga

We offer hatha yoga in it's purest form, full depth and dimension. Just the way yoga has been passed down from a master to a disciple for thousands of years without any distortion.


Our programs and classes have been devised by a realised yogi Sadhguru who has a complete understanding of the human system and how yoga should be transmitted. 

Yoga for All

Whether you are a complete beginner or a well-experienced yogi, we offer a variety of Isha Yoga programs for general well-being as well as inner growth and exploration.

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Yoga from it's original source, devised by realised yogi Sadhguru and offered by our accredited Isha Hatha yoga teachers. Unlike many modern yoga studios, we avoid playing music, using mirrors and accessories, talking during a demonstration or physically touching participants. All our classes are taught in the purest classical tradition as well as in the utmost respect to offer you the best experience possible.



"It has definitely helped expand my perception in ways I could not have imagined. "

—  Suzana


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