Why Does Cancer Happen?

Sadhguru: If you have read what has been written about cancer, you may have noticed that opinions and concepts seem to change frequently, sometimes dramatically. But the fundamental physiology, the chemistry, and the very basis of your existence has not changed. So why is it that these concepts keep changing? From concepts to consciousness is too much distance. With concepts, there can be no consciousness. So, rather than reading everything from the outside and getting confused as to what is true and what is false, if you start listening to your body and gain a deeper understanding and insight of your own system, you would be able to handle it more efficiently.

In yoga, we do not look at cancer as different types. Where and how it manifests in a particular individual may depend on various aspects of one’s physiology, genetics, lifestyle, diet and so on, but we always see the root cause as an imbalance in what is called the pranamaya kosha or the energy body.

Due to certain “blanks” that happen in the pranamaya kosha, either because of attitude, lifestyle, food, or so many other reasons, the energy body gets affected. If the flow of energy is not proper in certain areas of the body, cancerous cells will generally choose those places to grow and fester. When it comes to chronic diseases, the root cause is always in the energy body. Once the energy body is disturbed, it will naturally manifest both physiologically and psychologically.

From the Yogic perspective, cancer and other disturbances or diseases that the system manufactures from within, are caused by an imbalance of energy of the body.