Yoga A Way Of Life At Adiyoga Studio In Newtown

Yoga today is completely commercialized and is devoid of its true meaning. The constant barrage of advertisements on social media depicting images of unattainable physiques and unrealistic ideologies of commercial beauty is a visual assault and detracts from the true power of yoga.

Nonetheless, the way yoga is taught and practiced at Adiyoga is holistic and focuses exclusively on adopting healthier lifestyle practices. Adiyoga in Newtown, with its team of trained specialists, aims at tailoring the practice to best fit each of you, irrespective of age, gender, physique, or any other differentiating factor.

Yoga at Adiyoga Newtown is guided by yogic principles. Primarily, asanas are positions of the body connecting the mind and spirit to experience stillness and infinity. Consistency and intensity of practice are the key – not duration or contorting the body.

Other programs taught at Adiyoga such as breathing techniques (pranayama) and certain meditative techniques (Dharana, pratyahara) can also aid with anxiety, depression, and insomnia caused by stress by relaxing the central nervous system and restoring the balance of hormones and metabolism.

Yoga paves the way for the rejuvenation, rest, and growth of our world. Guided by Yama (moral discipline) and Niyama (observances) values as the bedrock principles of our daily lives, yoga allows us to live in harmony with others and ourselves.

Nonviolence, truth, non-stealing, purity, non-greed, contentment, self-study, and surrendering to a higher being, are all values that lead to us maintaining pleasant relationships with those around us. As a result, a calm state of mind is a possibility that yoga provides, even in a world like ours today.

The yoga taught at Adiyoga Newtown is a way of life that is adaptable and can be individually tailored to fit your needs.

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