Can yoga be taught via Internet, Books or Videos?

The answer is definitely NO.

The transmission of yoga as a spiritual practice can only happen within the intimacy of a teacher.

This is why in our online classes we only offer guided meditations and practices coming from Upa Yoga series. Upa Yoga literally translates as sub yoga or pre yoga. Proper Hatha Yoga Programs as a complete system cannot be taught online. Why is that?

There many different aspects of learning or receiving a yogic practice. Indeed we can find many yogic practices which we can use for our immediate benefit. Or in other words we can use yoga to fix something - boost our energy, get rid of anxiety, depression or back ache.

But you have to keep on mind that yoga is not a therapy. It has many therapeutic effects. But it should not be used only for that. There other dimensions of yoga which are much subtler in nature. If you want to access such dimensions then you have to learn yoga as a live process.

Yoga is not about memorising some sequence of postures, also it is not about getting into some challenging pose. Yogasanas or yogic poses are a way of aligning your inner geometry with the geometry of the whole cosmos or existence. This is a very intimate and very subtle live process. The posture itself is not the goal, the posture is just a doorway to something much larger then your body or your mind. A dimension much larger then yourself.

The transmission of yoga as a spiritual practice can only happen within the intimacy of a teacher. Now the teacher doesn't sit there as lecturer but rather as an essential medium of the transmission.

If you learn yoga from a book, video or online class you will learn the actual poses or techniques, but the essence of yoga will remain closed to you. You will never unlock the ultimate possibility which yoga offers and that is to transcend your own nature.

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