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Why Yoga and How to Meditate?

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Many of my students ask me this question quiet frequently. How can I learn Meditation and What is Yoga?

I have never learned how to do meditate. Nor have I ever attempted to do it. My life became one non stop meditation.

Through regular practice of traditional yoga you can get to a state where it doesn't matter if you are sitting with your eyes closed or open, if you are working, eating or looking after your children, you can be in meditative state doing all these activities. Then if you want to intensify this feeling, this way of being, you simply sit and close your eyes.

You can can get to such a state in many different ways. For most people, due to various reasons, their body will sit as on obstacle in their life. If you want to sit, your back will hurt. If you stand up too fast your head will get dizzy. Our bodies are never settled and still enough. Because of that Traditional Hatha Yoga is the best tool for them to start working on themselves …. oh yes sorry you gonna have to do some work on you to get there. You cant get there taking a magical pill or watching a video about it. Life doesn’t work this way.

If you practice proper yoga regularly, you will see that your body as well your mind and energies will start balancing and aligning themselves. I know This doesn’t sounds very exciting since you cant really take a photo of your inner alignment and post it on social media. But you must understand that balance is everything in your life. Once your inner geometry is in sync with the larger geometry of the cosmos or existence, you will begin to understand what yoga is about from your own experience.

My wish is that you experience this as least for one moment. In this moment of alignment or union you will experience a little bit of inner freedom, in this moment you will not desire anything, you will simply enjoy the powerful presence of yourself. Everything in the damn universe will be perfect. You will feel the enormous dynamism of this creation, but at the same time you will feel stillness within yourself. The boundaries between what is you and what is everything else will be partially obliterated. Suddenly everything you have considered as myself up until this moment will become somewhat hazy. A much larger possibility will opened up for you.

When you are in balance within yourself and with creation there is no question of being depressed, there is no room for anxiety in your life, confusion or fear. Life will begin to unfold into a fragrant blooming flower. That one flower can make thousand others bloom….

How to make this happen for you?

Please don’t try to stand on your head. That would be irresponsible, it will only cause damage.

Traditional Hatha yoga offers a selected sequence of postures through which one can elevate consciousnesses and become in sync with the whole existence. It is important that you receive this in a committed atmosphere from a qualified teacher. Yogic practice is a live process, it will merge with your system, just like every breath you take become part of you, therefore you cannot learn it online or from a book. Its vital that you receive it live from a teacher who serves as a catalyst in this process.

And while this is happening as a bonus you will also improve your flexibility, get stronger, cure your back and head ache… there are countless physiological benefits. Those are just side effects of yoga. I don’t want you to miss the essence and the possibility of what yoga is about.

With world in crisis, this is the best time to look at yourself and evaluate. Are you doing enough for yourself and others?

Lets make you realise the immensity of being human.

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