OUTDOOR 1on1 YOGA Classes and Programs

  • Due to current lockdown restrictions we are offering private outdoor 1on1 classes only.

  • Currently in any suitable outdoor area within 5km radius from our studio in Erskineville.

COVID Pre-cautions 

  • There is no physical touching during any of our yoga classes. Social distancing is maintained throughout the whole duration of each session.

  • We strictly follow all regulations and guidelines provided by the NSW and AU Government. 

  • Our teachers have been vaccinated. 

What can you choose...

Free Introductory Class
Duration: 50 minutes 

What will you learn?
1) ASANAS - Few simple but effective postures to

  • Activate and balance your energy system

  • Stretch and strengthen basic muscles groups 

  • Improve mobility of your joints 

  • Correct and strengthen postural muscles

Simple but powerful yogic practice to help boost immunity, strengthen the respiratory system and enhance lung capacity.

3) INTRODUCTION to Isha Yoga Programs
Learn more about our style of yoga and type of programs we offer. This is a good time to interact with our teacher and get a recommendation from him. 

Practice session
Duration: 60 - 75 minutes (Depending on a type of practice)

Fee: $50 

  • For graduated students who have completed one of our programs

  • You will be guided through the practice and receive personal correction from our teacher.



As part of this session, we are offering a free consultation time with our teacher. You can discuss anything regarding your physical and mental health, lifestyle or your yoga practice.  

Hatha yoga program

Duration: See the duration of each program on it's page (click on the link below) 

Fee: $250
Learn on of our unique hatha yoga programs in an outdoor setting while being in touch with the  elements of nature. 

You can explore our programs on the link below. 

Please contact us should you have any questions regarding the program or booking. 

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