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How can I benefit from
A membership?

  • Our vision for each of our members is to fully immerse themselves into one's spiritual growth. That will require continuous spiritual practice within a special atmosphere, supported by an energy form especially created by Sadhguru for this purpose.

  • Whether you are seeking a relief from a chronic ailment, increase in energy, calming the mind or exploring the inner self, we offer scientific methods in the form of classical Hatha yoga programs. These programs will help you to attain a certain mastery over your body and mind, thus creating an opportunity to explore higher dimensions of life.

What Are The Benefits Of Practice Correction Sessions And Sadhana Sessions?

  • Practice correction sessions are classes guided by a qualified Isha Hatha teacher. In this session participants have the opportunity to sharpen and deepen their experience of their practices and also receive personal corrections and feedback about their practice. Students can also ask any practice related questions. 

  • Sadhana sessions are practice sessions, where participants can do any of their already learnt Isha practices at our studio. This once again helps to strengthen and deepen your practice as well as create a certain level of discipline and independence. This class is supervised by a teacher or volunteer in case any assistance is needed. 


Practice sessions and Sadhana Sessions individual entries
  • First Class - FREE

  • Single Class    -  $20

Practice sessions and Sadhana Sessions individual entries
  • Single Class    -  $25

  • 10 classes pass   - $180


*Terms and conditions apply

includes unlimited number of  casual classes, practice and sadhana sessions

$100 / month

  • This is an ongoing monthly membership 

  • For a period of minimum  1 month

  • No lock in contracts

  • Cancel anytime in person or via email or phone

*Terms and conditions apply

includes any 1 Hatha Yoga Program + 3 months of unlimited membership

$100 / month

  • This is an ongoing monthly membership 

  • For a period of  3 months

  • 1 Hatha Program is included

  • This offer is available for your first program only

*Terms and conditions apply

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