Bhakti yoga - a path of devotion

Devotion is a way of transforming your emotion from negativity to pleasantness. Just see, people who have fallen in love do not care about what is happening in the world. The way they are, you think they are unrealistic. It is just that they have made their emotions pleasant, so their life is beautiful. That is the state of a devotee.

Devotion is a multiplied and enhanced version of a love affair. A devotee is in an unfailing kind of love affair because if you fall in love with a man or a woman, they do not go the way you expect them to, and it eventually gets into some trouble. That is why people choose God. It is simply a love affair, and you are not expecting any response. Your life becomes utterly beautiful because your emotion has become so sweet. Through that sweetness, one grows. That is devotion.
Devotion does not mean you have to be a temple-going, ritual-doing person. A devotee has understood what his place in the existence is. If you have understood this and are conscious of it, you will walk as a devout person. There is no other way to be. It is a very intelligent way to exist.

  • Bhakti Yoga softens your personality and keeps you away from negative emotions like anger, ego, and arrogance

  • It makes you feel joyous, peacefull and blissful

  • It takes away worry, anxiety, and fear and keeps you calm

  • It brings different kind of inteligence into your life

  • It can bring you closer to the devine

  • Bhakti Yoga helps you control your senses and handle tough situations with ease

  • Suitable for any ages 

  • Intensity varies

  • No experience of yoga necessary 

  • Further details released after the initial consultation

 15 minutes daily session for 3 weeks             100 $AUD (every session is mandatory)



Finance Manager DDB

If you get the breathing right, your energies just keep flowing and flowing. It's a part of my body I have never been aware of. 


Restaurant Manager

Ever since I started this practice I feel as every atom in my body is in a certain alignment. 


IT Programmer 

I do this practice every morning. It changes the whole day. I feel internally balanced, strong and peaceful. 

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