“Your body and mind will work best and find fullest  expression only when you  are joyful and peaceful.”


Isha Hatha Yoga offered by Adiyoga Australia a fundamental solution for health and success
       Hatha Yoga is a potent tool to cope with the hectic pace of corporate life
      Conducted at your workplace, our corporate wellness programs introduce
  • Simple yet powerful practices derived from a yogic  tradition maintained in its full vibrancy  for  thousands of years
  • Scientifically structured yogic solutions to  empower people to live as conscious and  healthy human beings
  • Specifically customised practices that bring health dynamism and vibrancy in the system
Benefits to the indivdual
Strengthens the spine, skeletal and  muscular systems

Eliminates stress, fear and anxiety  
Enhances mental clarity, productivity  and emotional balance

Increases Endurance & Energy levels

Remedies chronic ailments

Negates the effects of jet lag and long  travel

Improves communication and inter-  personal relationship

Helps achieve peace, joy and fulfillment

Enables one to realize their full potential
More focused and relaxed individuals resulting  in better decision making, problem solving &  enhanced productivity

Energized and more motivated individuals with  enhanced ability to handle stressful  situation

Improved inter-personal relationships resulting  in more aligned and effective teams  

Healthier employees resulting in lower  healthcare & absenteeism related costs  

Happier employees with greater overall  satisfaction leading to higher employee  retention rates


A perspective on how yoga  can be an effective tool to  achieve physical, emotional  and mental health

A fundamental  understanding of the  practices taught and their  impact on the system

Detailed step-by-step  instructions

Live/Video demonstration

Practice correction and fine  tuning

Subsequent guided sessions  to deepen the practices

Open to all and do not require  any flexibility or previous  experience of yoga

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