is about orienting you in a direction towards the ultimate

Sadhaka is a Sanskrit term which describes someone who follows a certain sadhana, a spiritual practice or way of life, with the aim of achieving a certain goal. The term can be translated as meaning "spiritually adept." Sometimes it is confused with a very similar term, abhyasi, which can be translated as "practitioner," but, while a practitioner repeats a mechanical practice, a sadhaka must go further and practice with deep inner focus, intelligence and perception.
​Sadhaka intensive is a unique personalised program which will require daily commitment and discipline.  
​For a selected period of time participants live according to a yogic principles and follow schedule and instructions created by our teacher. More information will be provided upon initial consultation.  Participants are further guided and encouraged to undertake advanced meditation programs with Isha foundation and to visit Dhynalinga temple in Isha yoga centre in South India.

  • Balancing of body, mind, emotions and energies 

  • Deeper exploration of the inner dimensions

  • Preparation for advanced yogic practices and meditations

  • Heightened levels of consciousness

  • Reduced sleep quota 

  • Increased energy levels

  • Increased creativity and concetration

  • Boost to immunity and overall health
    Detoxification of the whole body 

  • Suitable for ages 18+ 

  • High level intensity

  • No experience of yoga necessary 

  • Further details released after initial consultation


      Personalised program and daily schedule
      Free initial consultation required



Finance Manager DDB

If you get the breathing right, your energies just keep flowing and flowing. It's a part of my body I have never been aware of. 


Restaurant Manager

Ever since I started this practice I feel as every atom in my body is in a certain alignment. 


IT Programmer 

I do this practice every morning. It changes the whole day. I feel internally balanced, strong and peaceful.