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Energy - Fitness - Flexibility - Agility - Balance

Angamardana, a fitness system rooted in yoga, offers everyone the opportunity to invigorate the body and reach peak physical and mental health. ‘Angamardana’ means gaining complete mastery over the limbs, organs, and other parts of the body.

True to its name, this practice revitalises the body on all levels including the muscles, circulatory system, skeletal structure, nervous system, and the basic energy system. With exercises carefully selected by Sadhguru to be of universal appeal and application, Angamardana needs no fitness equipment. It uses only the body and can be practised anywhere, even during travel.


Angamardana is a series of 31 processes to invigorate the body, and reach peak physical fitness and mental health.


Regular practice of Angamardana revitalises the body in many ways
  • Strengthens the spine, skeletal system, and muscular system

  • Builds physical strength, fitness, and tenacity

  • Takes years off the body, bringing a sense of lightness and freedom

  • Prepares the body for other Hatha Yoga practices

  • Helps in weight loss

  • Suitable for ages 14+

  • High-level intensity

  • No experience of yoga necessary

  • Further details released after registration



In our workshops, all yoga practices are taught as a self practice. After completion, students are fully capable to do the practice on their own at home, office or even travelling.  

Intensity: High          

Duration of practice:  30 - 45 minutes (can be more)

Duration of workshop:  8 hours              





"Regardless of your level of practice or no practice, you will definitely benefit from it. You train your focus, your balance, your breathing, and work your whole body flexibility and strength, in an intelligent and safe way. The space is very meditative in itself, so it is really helpful. Plus you get a handout so that you can continue practising at home"

Next Angamardana Program:
22 - 23 MAY
Saturday - Sunday: 8:30 - 11:30 am
Purchase Options: 
Stand alone workshop  - $200